There is a huge range of playtech casino bonuses which can be categorized in terms of type, value, capacity and terms and conditions covering the variety from conservative to aggressive bonuses. The gambling requirements along with other terms and conditions to get these bonuses may vary from casino to casino. Especially when it comes to online casino part, the variety may occur depending upon the criteria made by casino web developer. For extra information on Playtech casino bonuses visit their official site Below are some of famous types of playtech casino bonuses.

Playtech casinos

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are offered by maximum casinos in order to motivate new players to come and try games. In this kind of bonus the player do not need to pay any amount for some basic games, you can say the trial versions are offered for free. Once players tries to exceed from certain level, they need to upgrade their membership.

Free Spins

Free spins offers are a kind of ‘no deposit bonuses’ in which the player is provided with some free spins to try games of his choice. Free spins can be offered in the beginning to the new players and also in the middle of a game to a legitimate player in order to keep him attached with the game by providing extra chances.

Match Bonuses

Match bonuses are also said to be welcome bonus when the player extents the casino for registration purpose and deposits the registration fee, at that time the amount of deposit is matched with the bonus or a percentage of bonus and then offered to the player accordingly.

Multi-deposit Match Bonuses

It is somewhat similar to match bonus. The only difference will be that on multiple deposits the amount or percentage of bonuses will be offered accordingly to the player.

Cash Back Bonuses

Player earns a percentage of bonus and it is added in player’s account whenever he plays a game no matter he wins or losses. In this way at the end of the week or month the player gets a reward even if he lost all of the games during that time.